Understanding the surroundings is vital when making connected and autonomous vehicles safer, smarter, and more efficient.

At CarmentaAutomotive, we develop cloud-based software that provide dynamic situation awareness based on off-board and vehicle-generated data.

The complete

How do we make a connected and automated world even safer?

CarmentaAutomotive's technology gives vehicles awareness of their surroundings – far beyond their sensors' range. Providing them with a complete picture along the route is crucial to improving predictability, increasing efficiency, and reducing the risk of accidents.


Next-generation smart transportation

Our technology is ready to use today, and built with an intelligent, driverless future in mind. Whether it's a human or a machine making decisions in traffic, they should be the best possible ones. Our products, TrafficWatch™ and ControlTower™, combine fleet data with relevant real-time data to provide a common operational picture with early warnings.

Our products


– situational awareness for connected and automated vehicles

Our powerful cloud-based operational system monitors each vehicle and it's surrounding environment and traffic situation. By collecting and analyzing dynamic and static data, TrafficWatch™ detects risks and distributes warnings and instructions to connected vehicles.


– situational awareness for the automated transport system

Control towers require a thorough understanding of the real-time operating environment of their controlled vehicles. ControlTower™ provides operators and fully automated systems with complete situational awareness to ensure vehicle safety and efficiency.


From the cloud
to the road

We provide a vital piece of a much larger picture. We use the latest cloud technology to streamline integration with our customers' connected systems – and meet their need for flexibility, scalability, and global range.

In the field

Use cases for CarmentaAutomotive's Technology

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