Situational awareness for connected and automated vehicles

Our powerful, cloud-based system monitors each vehicle, collecting both dynamic and static data and constantly analysing the vehicle’s physical environment. It then automatically issues safety instructions to avoid situations or events that may compromise safe or efficient driving. 


TrafficWatch™ is the silent supervisor that safeguards the operation of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). It equips vehicles with next-level situational awareness by continuously collecting sensor data and analysing the vehicles’ physical environment. Deployed as a set of cloud services, TrafficWatch™ offers a secure and scalable solution for safer and more efficient operation of vehicle fleets.

Based on more than 35 years’ experience in delivering command & control systems for defence and public safety organisations, TrafficWatch™ is designed to perform at the highest level of reliability.



TrafficWatch™ collects situational awareness data from a number of connected sources to build and maintain an off-board Operational Picture that gives CAVs superior beyond line of sight capabilities.

Key Capabilities

  • Advanced monitoring and guidance of CAV operations
  • Highly configurable action plans for automatic execution of guidance commands
  • Built-in data connectors using international and de facto standards
  • Automated anomaly detection and hazard mitigation
  • Developed and optimised for cloud deployment and production
  • Distributed microservice backend architecture that facilitates integration and extendability

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