With 40 years of experience, CarmentaAutomotive was founded with a mission to bring situational awareness to connected and automated vehicles - beyond their sensor's range.

We provide cutting - edge software that empowers vehicle operators to optimize the utilization of their vehicle data, elevating efficiency and safety across every journey. Over the decades, our robust and reliable software has won the trust of the most demanding customers with mission-critical requirements.

Pursuing the vision of creating a silent supervisor to safeguard the operation of connected and automated vehicles, we launched TrafficWatch in 2016. Using cloud-based services, we developed a secure and scalable solution to increase the safety and efficiency of our customers' vehicle fleets. Working closely with other technology pioneers, we designed TrafficWatch to meet the tough demands of the automotive industry. As we see ever-more of our products being deployed around the world, we are proud of our contribution to tomorrow's transport system.

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What motivates us

We build software systems for mission critical purposes to connected and automated vehicles. And it is the mission-critical nature of our customers’ operations that animates us and unites everything we do. It is the urgency behind our customer service, the attention to detail in the development process, and our drive to innovate.

A glimpse into our history

Carmenta was founded in 1985 by four ambitious software engineers. One of their first assignments was to build tools for the computer system onboard the Swedish Air Force fighter aircraft Viggen.Then came an assignment from the Swedish Air Force, which called for sophisticated real-time handling of geographic data. It is from this project that our first product – Carmenta Engine – was born. In the mid-90s, Carmenta secured a large civilian aviation project that led to the creation of Carmenta Server. This technology was quickly adopted by the Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Maritime Administration and Swedish Transport Administration as their preferred geoserver platform.

From there, we entered the public safety sector, creating map functionality for an emergency response system that turned into ResQMobile, eventually taking over Ericsson’s CoordCom, a command and control system for 112/emergency response. In 2015, we saw a new market for mission-critical situational awareness with the rise of autonomous (self-driving) vehicles, and we assumed the role of providing real-time information that vehicle sensors cannot reach. In 2018, we launched Carmenta TrafficWatch. Today we are two companies, Carmenta Geospatial Technologies AB and Carmenta Automotive AB, providing next-level situational awareness products and services to some of the world’s most demanding customers – with our eyes consistently on the future, beyond line of sight.


Management Team CarmentaAutomotive

  • Miklós Tomcsányi, President and CEO
  • Johan Holmqvist, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development
  • Kristian Jaldemark, Vice President, Sales
  • Stefan Augustsson, Vice President, Operations, IT, Security & Quality
  • Emil Johansson, Chief Technical Officer

Board of Directors CarmentaAutomotive

  • Wolfgang Kroh
  • Ulrika Cederskog Sundling
  • Yavor Adel

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