AI Aware Scale-Up

November 22, 2023

The AI Aware Scale-Up project is at the forefront of revolutionizing traffic safety by next level of road safety through a collaborative data-driven approach with the intelligence in the cloud.


Volvo Cars, CarmentaAutomotive, HERE Technologies, RISE, the Swedish Transport Administration, and Zenseact


Through the development of a cutting-edge AI algorithm designed to predict road traffic accident risks. This groundbreaking algorithm proactively dispatches warnings directly to vehicles, forewarning of potential hazardous events ahead or suggesting an optimal safe speed based on the current risk assessment. Powered by a sophisticated AI engine, it processes a combination of historical and real-time traffic data, utilizing these parameters to issue timely accident risk alerts.

By effectively addressing the challenge of unforeseeable events leading to accidents, preventing loss of life, and minimizing disruptions in the traffic ecosystem, this initiative holds tremendous potential for fostering a more sustainable and secure mobility landscape. The predictive warnings will undergo rigorous testing within Volvo Cars fleets in both Sweden and California, USA.

The project is performed within the Innovation programme Drive Sweden and is co-financed by Vinnova and Swedish Energy Agency and FORMAS.