Automated Vehicle Traffic Control Tower 2

January 19, 2023

The project, Automated Vehicle Traffic Control Tower (AVTCT) Phase 2, focuses on the development of technology linked to so-called control towers for autonomous vehicles. Within the project, they integrate artificial and human intelligence into the control system for connected and automated vehicles, with the goal to enabling such vehicles to handle complex traffic situations.


Carmenta, Ericsson, KTH – ITRL – Integrated Transport Research Lab, Scania, Swedish Transport Administration, Telia, Volvo Trucks


Following in the footsteps of our successful preliminary study, the Automated Vehicle Traffic Control Tower (AVTCT) Phase 2 continues the development of the testbed initiated in the pre-study phase. The development of the control tower testbed starts from the research results of the AVTCT1 pre-study project and aims at achieving an end-to-end cross-layer testbed featuring both physical and virtual components. Moreover, academic research will utilize this testbed to increase the knowledge about how a control tower can improve the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of automated vehicles.

The focus of this phase of the project includes:

  • The architecture of a system with automated vehicles and one or several control towers, including responsibilities and information flows.
  • Investigating the requirements on cellular connectivity, computational infrastructure, and sensors in the traffic tower environment, in order to guarantee the performance of the AVTCT operation
  • Increasing knowledge about human interaction with the system at different levels and for different tasks, by utilizing the testbed for experiments and simulation.
  • The role of Traffic control tower within the transportation system.