Automated Vehicle Traffic Control Tower

January 19, 2023

The Automated Vehicle Traffic Control Tower project goal is to understand and test the role of a traffic control tower for automated road vehicles.

Partners: KTH, Carmenta, Ericsson, AB Volvo, Ericsson, Scania, Telia and Trafikverket.

Objective: In the prestudy project the partners investigated the effects of automation on vehicle and traffic management of commercially operated fleets and public transport. The goal of the project is to understand the role of a traffic control tower (TCT) for automated road vehicles (AVs). Such a control tower will be used for control and operation on vehicle, fleet and traffic levels, which all will be affected by the introduction of automated and driverless vehicles. A pre-study was performed in order to understand the required functionalities and roles of the tower, its possible design and layout, and the opportunities that the control tower provides to increase safety and efficiency of AV fleet operation. A prototype was built in order to showcase the potential design and use of the control tower. The prototype utilizes results from other current research and innovation projects and uses both physical and virtual components. Carmenta contributes with technology and knowledge for situational awareness and geospatial data fusion.

Project duration: December 2017 – November 2020

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