Connected Automated Truck – CAT

January 19, 2023

In the Connected Automated Truck project, solutions for connected driverless electric freight transport are tested and demonstrated

Partners: Carmenta, Einride, Ericsson

Objective: There is great potential to radically improve transport of goods through automation, electrification and smart control of fleets. To enable automated driving in near time, a safety driver need to be available onboard – ready to take over – or the vehicle need to be connected to be remotely operated. By pilot trials with driverless trucks we can find out the need for supporting infrastructure and supporting connected services needed for safe and efficient operation.

The project will demonstrate how driverless truck transport can be enabled by enhanced connectivity based on 5G, connected services and ecosystem and remote operation of vehicles. Developed services will be made available through Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud to enable additional innovation, demonstrations and dissemination of results.

Project duration: October 2018– November 2019