Our mission, your control: Rapid application development

April 30, 2021

Carmenta TrafficWatch™ is a cloud-based, customizable Command and Control solution for the safer operation of connected, automated and autonomous vehicles.

What’s so important about software modularity?

Carmenta TrafficWatch accelerates software development by providing ready-to-use and pluggable software building blocks or modules. Doing this makes it much faster to add features like command and control functions, so they better meet customers’ needs. Pluggable, ready-to-go software modularity, creates significant opportunities for software integrators.

Command and Control

In simple terms, a Command and Control System ensures that a mission delivers results in a safe and efficient manner. Carmenta TrafficWatch supervises and controls vehicle operations by collecting and analysing data about the surrounding environment and traffic situation. It detects risks, distributes warnings and instructions to connected systems and vehicles. This adds powerful situational awareness capabilities that support the Carmenta TrafficWatch Situational Awareness Loop.


Building Blocks

Carmenta TrafficWatch facilitates rapid application development (RAD) which means that new features can be added easily and fast to meet customer requirements. With a modular structure, customers can use Carmenta TrafficWatch as a repository for ready-to-use building blocks for their own systems development. “Pre-fabricated” software modules from Carmenta Automotive can be used to handle situation assessment, threat analysis and incident detection.
Customer systems can benefit greatly from the event-driven architecture and messaging framework to customize notifications using defined alarm levels and warnings. Customer-developed modules are easily integrated through well-defined APIs that give access to the internal communication framework.
At the core of Carmenta TrafficWatch are building blocks adding GIS, Geoprocessing and Data Source Connection capabilities based on Carmenta Engine and Carmenta Server Core.


The event-based micro service architecture of Carmenta TrafficWatch utilizes the full power of distributed computing on cloud platforms. All services are connected in a communication framework and each delivers a specific function, activated by incoming events. Adding extra services is easily achieved by connecting to the communication channels through an API and feeding it a stream of events. A set of utility packages are available for developers to further ease the plugin of new services.
Carmenta TrafficWatch is delivered and deployed as a set of Docker containers and the utility functions are available as NuGet packages for standards-based embedding in services.

Summary and takeaways

Carmenta TrafficWatch is available as ready-to-use software building blocks that can accelerate cloud backend development and make it possible to quickly deploy operational systems. Carmenta’s experience, solutions and expertise makes them a perfect partner to support this.