Complete route situational awareness for automated hub-2-hub transport

March 2, 2023

TrafficWatch , a modular cloud-based software product, provides situational awareness for Highly Automated Vehicles beyond their own sensor range.

Benefits of TrafficWatch™

  • Create and monitor Supervised Routes for a safer and more efficient automated transport
  • Aggregate vehicle data with external information for superior situational awareness beyond sensor range
  • Map match potentially hazardous situations and monitor the road network
  • Is data agnostic, allowing you to choose the data that is most relevant, and with the flexibility to adapt sources over time
  • Enables fuel efficiency and detailed EV range calculations based on dynamic information along the routes
  • Visualise the live environment for a fuller understanding of the operational domain

The illustration shows a schematic view on data flows and process using TrafficWatch™.

Additional functionality

  • Incorporate your vehicle sensor data without it leaving your own trust boundary
  • Enables ADAS & ODD functionality when new demands arise, e.g. Geofence and ODD management
  • Creates the potential to aggregate your own data with external sources for custom uses cases

Information and warnings

  • Local Hazards
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Intelligent Speed Assist
  • Poor Road Conditions
  • Poor Weather Conditions
  • Connected ITS

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