Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems with TrafficWatch™

February 16, 2023

TrafficWatch™ acts as your data agnostic central hub for collating all potential sources of C-ITS messages. Distribute Day 1 C-ITS warnings and information messages, “out of the box”.

Benefits of TrafficWatch

  • Established tool within the C-ITS ecosystem
  • A hub to receive and distribute messages within your trust boundary
  • Choose and combine data sources for more trustworthy results
  • Map matches the situations and monitors the road network
  • Incorporate your vehicle sensor data in the C-ITS ecosystem
  • Creates the potential to aggregate your own data with external sources for custom uses cases

The illustration shows a schematic view on data flows and process using TrafficWatch™.

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)

  • The C-Roads Platform is a joint initiative of European Member States and road operators for testing and implementing Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems services for cross-border harmonization and interoperability.
  • C-ITS or cooperative systems encompass a group of technologies and applications that allow effective data exchange through cellular communication.

C-ITS Warnings and Information examples

  • Dynamic environmental zones
  • Road Work Warning
  • Alert wrong way driving
  • Obstacle on the road
  • Accident area
  • Weather conditions
  • Railway crossing
  • Other hazardous notification
  • In-vehicle speed limits


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