Euro NCAP Safety Assist with TrafficWatch™

February 6, 2023

TrafficWatchTM  delivers the Euro NCAP Local Hazard Warnings out of the box – with the ability to incorporate your vehicle sensor data within your trust boundary.

Benefits of TrafficWatchTM

  • Creates Euro NCAP warnings out of the box
  • Map matches the situations and monitors the road network
  • Keeping you in charge of data sources
  • Your vehicle data never leaves your trust boundary
  • Enables ADAS & ODD functionalities
  • Aggregates vehicle data with external information
  • Removes development load from internal R&D capacity

The illustration shows a schematic view on data flows and process using TrafficWatch™.

Euro NCAP version 10.1, chapter

  • Local Hazards Systems are defined as: “being able to receive messages and process them to warn for local hazards before they come within the field of view of the vehicle forward looking sensors”
  • Local Hazards System contribution is an important part of the Safety Assist scoring

Local Hazards

  • Traffic Jams
  • Construction Zones
  • Accident Ahead
  • Wrong Way Driver
  • Stopped Vehicle on Hard Shoulder
  • Items on Road
  • Poor Road Conditions
  • Poor Weather Condition
  • Emergency Vehicles


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