Situational Awareness beyond sensor reach for autonomous vehicles

February 3, 2020

At the Dubai World Congress for self-driving transport 2019, CarmentaAutomotive presented results from the collaboration project “Autonomous Driving Aware Traffic Control”.
The project demonstrated a central cloud-based traffic management system for connected and automated vehicles with interfaces to vehicles, road authorities and city authorities, along with the associated information flows for connected vehicles. The management system fuses static, dynamic and sensor data into one situational awareness view which is used in the supervision of the vehicle fleet.

With this as a base the system detects obstacles along the vehicles routes and dispatch advice on avoidance, well in advance of vehicles approaching such obstacle or detecting it by on-board sensors. In addition the project demonstrates solutions on information and operational advice sharing among all involved OEM fleets.
Johan Holmqvist, Vice President Business Development at CarmentaAutomotive, presenter at the show says: “The concept presented in Dubai has an international reach and will therefore be useful for pilots and operations in all parts of the world for connected and autonomous vehicles.”