TrafficWatch™ adds more support for V2X standards

February 17, 2020

TrafficWatch™ provides cloud-based situational awareness to connected and automated vehicles, allowing them to see and avoid hazards beyond their own line of sight.

CarmentaAutomotive has extended the communication capabilities of TrafficWatch™ to support more standards for V2X data transport. The product now uses ETSI ITS standard messages like CAM and DENM. Complementing the already built-in support for DATEX II, the product is capable of interoperable messaging in any V2X system using hybrid communication technology developed in the NordicWay 1 and 2 projects and now being standardised in C-Roads (TF4).

Together with premium partners CarmentaAutomotive has tested and fielded the system in several regions to handle a number of the ‘Day 1’ services defined by the C-ITS platform. Examples of supported V2X use cases include hazardous location notifications, adverse weather condition warnings as well as emergency vehicle approaching alerts. Additional I2V use cases involve in-vehicle signage where messages following the ISO IVI standard are transmitted to give connected vehicles up-to-date information about speed, dangerous curves, school zones and more.

CarmentaAutomotive aims to keep TrafficWatch™ at the forefront of technology as the situational awareness solution of choice for automotive customers by supporting more ways to communicate with vehicles and systems in a connected infrastructure. “We are happy to offer an even more comprehensive cloud solution to our partners and customers to make their vehicle fleets safer and more efficient,” says Mikael Gråsjö, Director of Product Management at CarmentaAutomotive.

About TrafficWatch™
TrafficWatch™ acts as a silent supervisor, safeguarding the operations of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). Leveraging the continuous collection of sensor data, the technology provides live ongoing analysis of the vehicles’ physical environment. Deployed as a set of cloud services, TrafficWatch™ offers a secure and scalable solution for the safer, more efficient operation of vehicle fleets, read more.