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February 2, 2021

The project “Automated Vehicle Traffic Control Tower 2” have developed a Control Tower testbed for automated vehicles. The testbed is a networked system of connected small lab vehicles, a driving simulator and multiple Control Tower applications. It is designed to allow experimentation and testing in a laboratory environment of various scenarios where Control Towers collaborates to supervise and control a fleet of automated transport vehicles. TrafficWatchTM plays a key role in the project as the Control Tower system operated by a fleet owner.

The testbed is used to study how the work in a specific Control Tower can be structured as well as how cooperation between different Control Towers can be organised to improve safety and efficiency and create trust in automated vehicles.

The project will be concluded during spring 2021.

Project partners: Carmenta, Ericsson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Scania, Swedish Transport Administration and Volvo AB. This project is funded by Vinnova under the strategic innovation program: Drive Sweden.

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